In a world full of voices, Mary Akpa's shouts a whisper that draws any crowd.Her sound defies a singular genre: “Mary is not from this world. Her vocal expression ranges from the demure to the show stopping. The most intriguing thing about Mary’s talents is her uncanny ability to make a track into a song; a pop hit into a club banger; a sleepy jazz lullaby into an intriguing melodic experience. She is the embodiment of the human condition - ever-reaching, ever-searching yet ultimately relatable." Amanda Brammall (DJ/Producer)


Born in Nigeria and raised in Southern California, Mary Akpa brings a blend of grounded freedom to her music-a seamless blend of soul, jazz, electronic, and African influences. 


Mary’s career spans numerous years over several continents. At the age of 18, she was discovered by Arista/La Face records, ultimately becoming lead singer and songwriter for an all-girl band. She spent time touring both domestically and internationally, including performances in Germany, Istanbul, France, and Iraq. She’s written with and for numerous artists and was featured with an A Cappella vocal group on NBC’S The Sing Off, all while recording 2 jazz albums, 2 electronic/down tempo albums and releasing her debut EP, Brave.


Mary is not from this world. Her vocal expression ranges from demure to the show stopping.

 - Amanda Brammall (DJ/Producer)